915 Dance Toronto

    We pride ourselves on being able to perfectly balance positivity and encouragement with a genuine desire to make the best dancers we can out of every single one of our students. To achieve this, we make sure our high-quality instructors maintain a warm and welcoming environment throughout their classes.

  This means that our dancers can depend on us for professional training that allows them to thrive artistically, while maintaining a bubbling and positive social environment. The results are simply outstanding. We believe that feeling comfortable is absolutely crucial for the development of every dancer, giving them the confidence to push themselves without fear or hesitation. It’s important to us that every student is eager to come to their next lesson.We make sure to focus on giving each student a chance to shine.

  Every class has a high-production video/photography team capture them at their best, giving dancers the perfect opportunity to showcase their skills.   This is ideal for dancers who want a chance to document their progress and is great for those who want to share what they have learnt with friends and family.Come visit us today at: 4905 Yonge St, Toronto, Canada. At Yonge Sheppard station.